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Imagine all your senses infused with the sights sounds, and spirit of this remote beach community made up of artisans, fishermen and musicians.

Feel the sand under your feet and the sun on your back as you begin your journey across the seven miles of uninterrupted beach and celebrate the freedom. “Slow down” and interact with people from all over the world, admire galleries of art and handcrafts, stop for a drink, taste the unique flavors of freshly cooked local cuisine and waste your day away at one of over 70 bars/ restaurants.

Breathe in the sensation of a distant place; located on the western most tip of Jamaica. Negril is located just 50 miles from Donald Sangster International airport in Montego Bay. An Idyllic tropical beachside climate, year-round temperatures average 80°-86° and the water a constant 80° where seasons are virtually nonexistent.

Negril beach, a world away and only an hour flight from Miami.

Reenergize by the warm glow of the ubiquitous sun, pearl white sands, crystal turquoise waters, and unmistakable blue sky, bring your heart and feel the “beat” of Negril.

Rejuvenate your soul; reclaim your true sense of self, the way life was meant to be. Shake off the hustle and stress and learn to “live slow” if only for a short time.


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