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Sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1494, Jamaica was conquered and settled in 1509 by Spaniards under a license from Columbus's son. Spanish exploitation decimated the native Arawaks. The island remained Spanish until 1655, when Admiral William Penn and Robert Venables captured it; it was formally ceded to England in 1670, but the local European population obtained a degree of autonomy. Jamaica prospered from the wealth brought by buccaneers, notably Sir Henry Morgan, to Port Royal, the capital; in 1692,however, much of the city sank into the sea during an earthquake, and Spanish Town became the new capital.

This bow-shaped town hugs Seven Mile Beach, the longest continuous stretch of powdery shore inJamaica and one of the Caribbean's most magnificent. As you stroll along the butterscotch sand, you'll encounter locals taking a dip, lovers embracing under swaying palms, families enjoying picnics, children splashing in the shallow foam, and, in a few spots, sun worshippers performing their devotions au naturel. the road past town begins to narrow and wind upward, hugging the coral cliffs as they rise dramatically100 feet above the azure waters of the Caribbean dotted with coves and caves cut into the lava rocks. Negril a small fishing village, beach town with nothing built higher than the tallest palm tree.

Best Beach
- Coco La Palm - good breakfast, lunches, drinks- nice mix of shade and sun
- Margaritaville volleyball, drinks, water trampolines.

- Leon of Jah lion- fresh roasted Blue mountain- best in Negril

- Time square - jewelry, cigars, air conditioned shops
- Jamaica Janes - Next door
- Jah Jah Originals Art Gallery at Coco La Palm
- Countrywide - sunshine plaza- gifts for home
- Supermarkets - Hi-lo, value master- less than 2 miles away
- Liquor store-Two doors away

- Jerk chicken - Best of the West at Greenleaf across from Coco La Palm
- Vegetarian - Mr. Natural, Hungry Lion both on the cliffs
- All night dining - Mi Yard
- Most romantic - Rockhouse
- Ambiance on the beach - Kuyaba, Norma’s
- Best Chicken and Conch Soup - Chicken Lavish- ask for Doc!
- Best Jamaican style - Sweet Spice, Cosmo’s
- Good value on the Cliff’s - Sea Star- nice people, nice vibe, nice food, Three dives
- Good value on the beach - Alfred’s- live music some nights as well
- Cliff side bar -LTU Pub - great scene and next to Rick’s

Scuba diving - We offer a free introductory lesson off the beach with Ken at Dreamteam divers- Call us!

Golf - Negril Hills, Tryall, The White Witch at Rose Hall

Sunset cruises - The Red Stripe- (Myrna ), Wild thing

Fishing - Deep sea, open hull -Call us

Tours and transportation - Tallmans- Airport, the falls, Black river, the fields, the country

Recording Studio/dubs - Jah Freedom recording on the west End- Ask for Steve

Let us know ahead of time, and we can make arrangements before you arrive.


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